TsSKaPudDLe was a great band. I was 15, a friend's brother was in the band, and they actually managed to release 2 EPs on cassette.

Bidger the Amphibious Whippet CoverBidger the Amphibious Whippet Inside Cover

They described their style as "Punk, Funk, Indie, Psychadelic". My parents described it as "that awful noise". As a teenager I described it as great fun. I believe I may even have been one of the "Twm o'r Nant lunatics" credited on the inside sleeve of the first EP.

If only they'd started 12 years later, with the global reach of the internet at hand. Bidger the Amphibious Whippet could easily hold his own on MySpace. And I'm sure you still Can't Resist a Kipper from the BTEC Hall of Fluff. Ah well. Here's to you lads.

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