Thieves: A Solitaire Card Game

Thieves is a classic card game for solo play. Includes a scoring system and high score table that remembers your best plays.


Click thumbnails for full size images. Download and run to see it in action.

Screenshot of Thieves (A Solitaire Card Game)



To run:

For the rules of the game, please see how2play.txt which is included in the download.

If using DOSBox to run the game, click inside the window for DOSBox to take control of the mouse and press Ctrl-F10 to release the mouse when you're done.

Notes for the technically inclined

This game was produced on an Amstrad 286 PC in my bedroom some time between 1992 and 1996. The code was written in QBasic which was included with certain versions of MS-DOS and Windows 9x. The bundled QBasic had just an interpreter and no compiler - programs had to be run from the source in the IDE. This version has been compiled using the QuickBasic compiler which I found at university in 1996. Unfortunatley, I've lost the source code so I can't share this too. For more information on QBasic, and more QBasic games, a good starting point is